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Astoria Virtual Reality – New Affordable 3D VR Headset Technology?

Virtual reality has, until recently, been something that gamers, nerds, and tech enthusiasts dream about. However, as technology has advanced over the past decade or so, virtual reality hasn’t just been a dream, but something that people across the world can access. Virtual reality is being used in arcades and other spaces everywhere. However, even though there is more access to virtual reality machines, having these devices be readily available for at-home use is still a challenge.

In the past few years, it has become a goal of many companies to make virtual reality something that can be done at ease from the safety of home. This meant making machines that were both portable and priced right for those who want to experience the power of virtual reality at home. While portable virtual reality options are no readily available, the price points on many of these options is still way too high for the average person.

As a way of combating the high prices of virtual reality machines, Astoria VR created its own version, which can easily be used with any phone. By offering a cheaper, high-quality virtual reality headset to the masses, Astoria VR is finally allowing people to live the dreams they’ve had for years.

What is Astoria VR?

Astoria VR is a headset that uses the power of the phone to give users the virtual reality experience for which they’ve dreamed. Because phones are some of the most powerful computers of this age, Astoria VR realized it could cut the cost of virtual reality headsets by using phones to power it. The results is a headset that can fit all smartphones, giving users the chance to delve into the world of virtual reality.

For those who are ready to escape reality, Astoria VR offers the perfect opportunity. The headset is made so that a smartphone can easily be clipped in. By accessing the dozens of games and apps that can use Astoria VR, the headset is able to give users 360 degree views, as well as 3D experiences, all from their phone. And, Astoria VR is able to provide all these amazing aspects of virtual reality without the expense of other headsets on the market. For those who want the experience without breaking the bank, Astoria VR is the perfect solution.

The Astoria VR headset is designed and feels just like the other headsets on the market that are hundreds of dollars more expensive. With a front plate for augmented reality capabilities, side knobs for adjustments, an ergonomic designs, as well as an eight layer nano-coated lens for the highest quality picture, Astoria VR is make virtual reality more accessible to the masses.

Benefits of Astoria VR

For those who have longed to have a virtual reality headset of their own, the biggest benefit of Astoria VR is a combination of its quality and its price. People want a real headset, but don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices that so many require. Without sacrificing quality, Astoria VR was able to provide users a headset that will give them all their virtual reality dreams, but at a fraction of the cost of other headsets. Even better, Astoria VR offers discounts on its per unit price the more units people purchase.

Just as important as price and quality is the convenience of Astoria VR. As mentioned above, there are many virtual reality headsets available on the market today, but most of them require huge amounts of setup before they can be used. However, Astoria VR uses the power of smartphones to give users the experience they want. Because Astoria VR headsets are powered by these phones, there is no setup required. As soon as customer receive their Astoria VR, they can immediately begin using it, escaping reality into a world of games, videos, and other viewing experiences.

When engrossed in their virtual reality, the last thing someone wants is a grainy picture. Astoria VR is able to provide some of the sharpest, clearest pictures through its various apps and games. Not only will users of Astoria VR get a full 360 degree experience, they’ll also be able to get 3D capabilities that go up to 1080p in quality. The quality of the picture with Astoria VR helps pull users in, so they can be completely engrossed by the experience.

How Astoria VR Works

As mentioned above, using the Astoria VR headset is simplicity itself. First, no setup is needed, so as soon as it arrives, users can get started. The first step in using the Astoria VR headset is picking a VR app. This is probably going to be the hardest part of the entire process, since Astoria VR allows users to access a wide range of apps, games, and videos. Astoria VR supports NYTVR, Discovery VR, Netflix, and Hulu, as well as dozens VR compatible apps. The assortment will keep owners of Astoria VR busy for days.

Once users of Astoria VR have picked their app of choice, they can place their phone into the headset. Astoria VR is compatible with all smartphones and supports screen sizes from 4.7 inches to 6 inches. This vast range allows users of varying operating systems and phone types to use Astoria VR without a worry. When the phone is in place, users can comfortably fit the device on their heads, using the ergonomic design and comfortable foam cushion to stay comfortable.

With the varying knobs and adjustments, users can position and rotate their VR experiences to their desires, making Astoria VR not only the easiest headset to use, but also the most adjustable. When users are comfortable, they can start enjoying their new virtual reality.

Purchasing Astoria VR

As mentioned above, the whole goal of Astoria VR was to offer an affordable VR experience to those who might not otherwise have access to these types of devices. The good news is that through a lot of hard work, Astoria VR was able to keep its headset at the low price of $59. However, for those who want to purchase multiple headsets, the news gets even better. The more units of Astoria VR users buy, the more they’ll save.

Some of the discounts Astoria VR customers can get are listed below.

  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free – $117 ($39/Unit)
  • Buy 3, Get 2 Free – $145 ($29/Unit)

For those who are looking for holiday presents for the family, these discounts make it easier than ever to give the gift of virtual reality this season!

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