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Blaux In Home Air Purifier: Ionizer with Activated Charcoal Filter

Blaux In Home Air Purifier: Ionizer with Activated Charcoal Filter

The air we breathe plays a crucial role in supporting living organisms. It includes oxygen, which is required for survival. Then there’s carbon dioxide which tends to plant health and so on. Ultimately, its diversity allows for life to persist on our planet. Unfortunately, with pollution on the rise, air quality has become one of the most debated topics, as it puts everybody’s life at risk in some way or another. What can consumers do to ensure that their atmosphere is as clean as possible?

The purpose of this review is to shed light on the significance of air quality by introducing a new product called the Blaux In Home. Through its uses, consumers can expect to breathe fresh air that is free from contaminants. Curious to find out more regarding its function? Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Blaux In Home Air Purifier?

The Blaux In Home is a three-in-one air purifying product that aims to cleanse the air one breathes using ionization and an activated charcoal filter. In particular, it has been designed to serve as an air filter, ionizer, and deodorizer that uses no ozone and can reduce floating airborne particulate matter while providing constant circulation with its 3-speed fan settings.

How does the Blaux In Home work?

As previously noted, the Blaux In Home works in three different ways and each step targets impurities including bacteria and dust differently. First, we have the air filter; its role is to extract air into itself, which is then processed to eliminate any existing impurities. Once this has been completed, fresh air is then released. This is a perpetual process that maximizes on collecting and eliminating unwanted contaminants.

Second, we have the ionizer feature. Unlike the former, where most of the work is done by luring impurities into the Blaux In Home, ionizers work by weakening them. To be more specific, this is a process that involves releasing electrically charged ions into the air which attach onto contaminants. As a result of the bonding, these newly created particles will become far too heavy float in the air, forcing them to the ground. Lastly comes the more obvious feature called deodorizer. This is a fancy term for air refresher and in the case of the Blaux In Home, it is the charcoal filter that eliminates unwanted odors.

To see the Blaux In Home in action, consumers are simply required to plug it into a wall socket, whether it be in one’s home, office, finished basements, RVs, or even one’s bedroom.

How much does the Blaux In Home cost?

There are four different purchasing options to choose from. Each varies according to the number of units purchased and as the quantities increase, so does the applicable discount. Simply put:

  • Air Purifying Power (1 Blaux In Home): $69.99 + $8.95 in S&H
  • Double Filtration Pack (2 Blaux In Homes): $139.98 + $9.95 in S&H
  • Allergen Removal Pack (3 Blaux In Homes): $157.48 + $10.95 in S&H
  • Maximum Air Cleaning (4 Blaux In Homes): $192.47 + $11.95 in S&H

In addition to the reduced prices, Blaux also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if individuals run into any problems or are simply not happy with their Blaux In Homes, it is best to contact the customer service team. This can be done in the following ways:

By email:

By phone:

  • United States (toll-free): (609) 414-7087
  • Canada (toll free): (778) 300-0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316

Main Address:

Strong Current Enterprises Limited

68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Who created Blaux In Home?

The creators behind Blaux in Home are evidently, Blaux which is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based, Strong Current Enterprises. Given how pollution plays a negative role on wellbeing, the firm has since devoted itself to providing the general public with tools that can purify the air everyone breathes, while targeting other everyday issues. To achieve this, the latest technology in filtration and ionization has been considered, not to forget testing and product design among others.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Blaux In Home serves as an additional measure that one can take in fighting against invisible bacteria. As COVID-19 continues to prove how effective bacteria are in traveling through the air, it makes all the more sense to purify it. Unlike most air filters that carry a single purpose, the Blaux In House targets contaminants in three different ways so that maximum cleansing is achieved.

As for its affordability, the average air filter costs anywhere between $700 and $2800 with the lowest price being $76. Based on price as a factor alone, the Blaux In Home is attractive, as consumers can buy more than one for the average price. Another factor that makes Blaux In Home incomparable is that it serves three roles, which is rare.

That said, there are several things that consumers need to bear in mind. For starters, it is unclear as to what the overall maintenance and life span of the product is. This is crucial to know, as it determines whether the price is worthwhile. Second, although the Blaux In Home does most of the work because it contains an ionizer, consumers will have to sweep up afterward. The reason for this is that the ions force the contaminants to the ground, and these could easily make their way back into the air. Lastly, it is unclear as to whether the charcoal filter needs replacing. Fortunately, these doubts can be clarified by contacting the Blaux team.

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The air we breathe plays a crucial role in supporting living organisms. It includes oxygen, which is required for survival. Then there’s carbon dioxide...

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