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X3 Hurricane Canless Air System Review – Worth It?

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start considering spring cleaning. As the sun comes out and the days get longer, there are fewer and fewer excuses to live in the mess that seems to pile up through the cold, winter season. So, many people start their spring out by getting out boxes and clearing their lives of the clutter that has accumulated.

Spring doesn’t just bring beautiful, crisp days and the need to get out of the house. With spring comes allergy season and all the pollen, dirt, and dust that accompanies this time of year. For those who suffer from having dust in the house, spring cleaning is a time to get all the dust that has accumulated on fans, shelves, and even base boards.

The problem with dusting, though, is that the tools to dust haven’t really advanced over the years. Not only do they still sell feather dusters in stores, but the more ‘modern’ options are pretty similar in both appearance and material. The lack of advancement in dusting options means that people are still crawling around on their knees or working painstakingly over a shelf to make sure every single mite of dust is gone.

The X3 Hurricane Canless Air System (previously called the O2) is the advancement in dusting that the world needs. Not only is it extremely easy to use, it cuts dusting times down and offers a very powerful way of getting rid of all the mites that cause itchy eyes, coughing, and running noses. X3 Hurricane is the perfect tool for those who are ready to get serious about spring cleaning.

What is the Canless Air X3 Hurricane?

The X3 Hurricane is a handheld device that blasts air out at over 260 miles per hour. This powerful blast gets dust and dirt out of even the hardest to reach places, making cleaning and specifically dusting much easier.

The X3 Hurricane comes with several attachments, so it can be used in multiple places and in various ways. This versatility makes it the perfect tool for homes, offices, and even cars. No matter what a person’s needs for the X3 Hurricane are, it will meet and exceed them, giving users the dust free area they’ve always wanted.

The secret behind the X3 Hurricane power is that it uses the air within the room, so nothing is bottled, and uses a patented jet impeller technology to release hurricane force winds. And, because the X3 Hurricane is so small, it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, but produces the blow power of much bigger tools.

Features of the X3 Hurricane Canless Air System

As mentioned above, the X3 Hurricane releases a blast of air that gets up to 260 miles per hour. This amount of force coming at dust all at once is more than enough to clear from even the stickiest of areas. However, this isn’t the only feature that makes the X3 Hurricane a must-have tool for those who like dust and dirt-free homes, offices, and cars.

Other features of the X3 Hurricane include:

  • Works for 20 continuous minutes on a single charge
  • Easy to use charger that is very portable
  • Two extension straws that give air a specified direct to work
  • Extension straws also work for hard to reach places
  • A ‘Flex-O-Extender’ that curves to direct air
  • Brush attachment to work at more stubborn areas
  • Narrow nozzle blaster for precision cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly

In addition to all these amazing features, X3 Hurricane can also be used in multiple locations, serving multiple purposes. This makes it one of the most versatile tools for cleaning on the market.

Places to Use X3 Hurricane Canned Air

Because X3 Hurricane blasts fresh air onto surfaces, it can be used in multiple ways and in a variety of areas, offering users a simple way to refresh and clean an area. Some of the areas it can be used, as well as application ideas, are listed below.

Home and Office

The X3 Hurricane clears dust from everything, from mantles and tables to desks and computers. It can also be used safely on electronics, where dust likes to settle in hard to reach places. Keyboards and monitors will look brand new once the X3 Hurricane is used to clean them off.

Because it comes with so many tools, it can also reach higher areas like fans and crown molding. And, since the X3 Hurricane comes a flex-o-extender, it can be used in air vents and air condition filters to really get the house clean.

Car and Garage

The garage and car are known for being messy places. However, with the X3 Hurricane, these messes are very easy cleaned. Instead of a vacuum, the X3 Hurricane can be used to clean out backseats and the dashes of cars. Any dust on consoles or in cup holders are blasted away with high-powered, fresh air produced by the X3 Hurricane.

In garages, there is usually debris everywhere, from cobwebs and dirt to soot and wood shavings. The X3 Hurricane clears these areas quickly and efficiently, making the garage look like it new once again. Any dark shelves or workbenches are often overlooked when cleaning the garage. But, since the X3 Hurricane is so easy to use, clearing these areas is simple and fast.

Outdoor and Other

After a long winter, porch and poolside furniture can get pretty dusty. The X3 Hurricane can clear this furniture off in no time. And, instead of buying an expensive leaf blower, the X3 Hurricane is able to do all the same things. Leaves, pine needles, and dirt can all be cleaned from driveways, sidewalks, and gutters in no time at all.

For those who love to go camping or swimming, nothing is worse than having to spend time blowing up air mattresses or floaties. With X3 Hurricane, these items can be filled in under a minute, so users can get back to having fun. And, nothing stokes a fire like a quick blast of air from the X3 Hurricane, letting people get back to s’mores and campfire songs as soon as possible.

Purchasing the X3 Hurricane

The X3 Hurricane is usually $229.95. However, it is on sale now for just $149.95. This price includes free shipping. In addition to the new, lower price for the X3 Hurricane, if customers are interested in getting two, they will receive further discounts. The first X3 Hurricane costs $149.95, but the second one will only be $74.97, which is half off the discount price and almost a quarter of the original price.

There is a limited lifetime warranty on the X3 Hurricane, so some of its parts can be replaced. To learn more about this, visit the X3 Hurricane website. A full description of this warranty can be found in the documentation provided when the X3 Hurricane is delivered.

The X3 Hurricane also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reasons, users find that the X3 Hurricane does not live up to expectations or they are not satisfied with the purchase, they can return the X3 Hurricane and receive a full refund within 30 days. And, if customers are unsatisfied, the makers of the X3 Hurricane will give the refund plus $10 for just trying the tool.

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