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Aviano Copper Protector: No-Touch Copper Tool Assists in Germ Protection?


The coronavirus pandemic has become the biggest driving force for innovative products and solutions that can better one’s health. What was initially revealed as a virus that spreads mainly from person-to-person is now capable of traveling through respiratory droplets produced by an infected being. Such droplets can come from coughs, sneezes, or even by talking.

This pandemic didn’t only succeed in disrupting society in terms of one’s finances, but also one’s mental health. In fact, many people have grown very anxious just thinking about bacteria. Although the virus does not spread easily from touching surfaces or objects, maintaining clean surfaces can help reduce stress and anxiety. How can one go about killing bacteria that is unnoticeable to the naked eye? Turns out that the Aviano Copper Protector could possibly get the job done. Without further ado, here’s an overview of what’s been disclosed thus far:

What is the Aviano Copper Protector?

The Aviano Copper Protector is a multi-purpose object designed to limit one’s contact with germs found in public places. Made to look like an enlarged key, it can be used as a door opener, button pusher, lock-opener, and closer or even as a way to carry grocery bags.

How does the Aviano Copper Protector work?

Based on what’s been disclosed thus far, the Aviano Copper Protector is effective in killing bacteria because it contains 99% copper. A number of studies have since been conducted on copper’s effectiveness only to find positive results.

For instance, in a 2015 translational science article, a group of researchers supposedly took copper alloy samples and inoculated bacteria in them. In the clinical trial, the bacteria content was measured, and infection rates were recorded. The team has concluded that bacteria died on copper alloy surfaces; whether it be laboratory or hospital rooms. Moreover, the overall infection rate dropped by nearly 58%.

In a recent interview with Insider, Michael D.L. Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Immunobiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine revealed what happens to bacteria when they come into contact with copper.

“By blocking a protein’s function, you block the function of the pathway. When you block the function of the pathway, you block the function of the organism and then the organism is just dead in the water.”

Ultimately, when bacteria are exposed to copper, the metal manages to freeze its function by targeting its protein than its pathway, almost making it numb until it loses its ability to function.

What are the benefits of using the Aviano Copper Protector?

As per the advertisement found on the official website, the Aviano Copper Protector is reasoned as being effective in:

  •  Reducing germ exposure and anxiety
  •  Supporting multiple uses
  •  Disinfecting itself within a matter of minutes
  •  Easily attaching to a keychain, belt loop, and purse
  •  Handling heavy-duty work

How does the Aviano Copper Protector self-sanitize?

The self-sanitizing property is related to the oligodynamic effect. As per the oligodynamic effect, metals containing ions that kill living bacteria are the only ones able to self-sanitize. Based on the reportings of one source, copper has the ability to disinfect itself 15 minutes after coming into contact with bacteria.

That said, should one feel the need to clean the Aviano Copper Protector, one way to do so would be with soap and water. Another way that might also help to retain its shine is by simply mixing two ounces of white vinegar with one teaspoon of salt and placing the tool in the solution. Once 10 minutes are up, it is a matter of rinsing it and drying it with a soft cloth.

How much does the Aviano Copper Protector cost?

Consumers have the following deals to choose from:

  •  1 Copper Protector: $24.99 plus S&H
  •  3 Copper Protectors (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $49.98
  •  5 Copper Protectors (Buy 3, Get 2 Free): $74.98
  •  8 Copper Protectors (Buy 4, Get 4 Free): $99.96

On that note, if for any reason, consumers are dissatisfied with the Aviano Copper Protector, there is a 30-day money back guarantee in place. In order to get fully refunded, consumers will have to contact customer service and return the product. It is important to mention here that shipping and handling will be the customer’s responsibility. Here is the necessary information:

  • Phone number: (786) 246-1235
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address: MARINETOP, 1853 SW 31st Ave, Hallandale, FL, 33009

Who is Aviano?

Aviano is the creator behind this respective copper tool. Based in Miami, Florida, the company is best known for finding ways that improve the lives of the general public. Straying away from unnecessary ingredients and medicines, Aviano wants to ensure that consumers are well-protected; whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally.

Final Thoughts

Ever since the world was hit with the coronavirus pandemic, demand for copper products increased. This is because studies have found that the presence of copper is all it takes to reap into bacteria’s protein and neutralizing it – ultimately preventing it from multiplying.

What makes the Aviano Copper Protector unique is that it is made to support a wide range of activities. Thus far, the most similar tools are able to achieve to include opening doors and pressing buttons and touchscreens. But, with this respective protector, consumers can also hold shopping carts (the smaller ones) and grocery bags, thanks to its sturdy design. As for its prices, it appears to be reasonable and well within the industry standards.

Above all, the creators behind the Aviano Copper Protector were transparent when it comes to the corroding nature of copper. This is an important facet because most companies today try to preserve copper’s shine by adding protective layers. Unfortunately, protecting it from rusting blocks its bacteria-killing properties – making it pointless.

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