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Personal Safety

CleanKey Review: KeySmart’s Touchless Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool?

CleanKey Review

CleanKey by KeySmart is a device that consumers can use to touch screens, doors, and other surfaces without the worry of coming in physical contact with germs. The device is only available on the official website, which isn’t shipping out any of these devices until May 2020.

What is CleanKey?

During a time when the pandemic continues to spread, there are many people who are concerned with the spread of germs and preventing themselves from being infected. Stores have been all but been cleared out of gloves and antibacterial wipes, preventing many consumers from getting the protection that they need when they leave their homes. That’s where CleanKey comes in.

CleanKey is used to touch all of the surfaces that consumers want to avoid contact with. The ergonomic shape can accommodate many different handles and touchscreen devices, allowing consumers to simply clean it between uses to reduce the spread of germs. The shipping is slightly delayed, but consumers can better protect themselves without having to touch so many potentially contaminated surfaces.

Purchasing KeySmart's CleanKey

Consumers can purchase CleanKey directly from the official website for $24.99. Currently, there are two other packages to choose from, if the user wants to order more. Choose from:

  • Three CleanKeys with matching retractable carabiners for $49.98
  • Five CleanKeys with matching retractable carabiners for $74.97

However, due to delays in shipping, these products won’t go out until May 6th, so consumers will still have to find a solution at home until they receive the product.

If the user finds that this product doesn’t meet their needs, their purchases are covered within the first 30 days after the customer has received it.

Frequently Asked Questions About CleanKey

Here are the answers to some of the common questions that consumers want to answer about CleanKey.

Q: What does CleanKey do?

A: The use of CleanKey helps consumers to protect themselves from germs by acting as a barrier and an assistive tool that allows consumers to avoid touching various surfaces. Consumers can use it to open doors, press buttons, and pull levers.

Q: Does CleanKey work for touchscreens?

A: Yes. With this design, touchscreens like smartphones and store checkout devices can easily be used without actually touching the surface.

Q: How should users bring it with them?

A: This device can be carried on a keychain, though consumers are provided with a retractable carabiner with their purchase for no additional cost.

Q:  What is CleanKey made of?

A: CleanKey is made with Copper Alloy 260, offering antimicrobial protection.

Q: Does the CleanKey need to be cleaned?

A: Absolutely. Consumers can clean off the CleanKey with steel wool or a disinfecting wipe without any worry of creating corrosion or tarnish. However, consumers should be aware that this isn’t a substitute for practicing other safety protocols.

Any other question can be directed to the customer service team.

Contacting the Creators: KeySmart

Even with the information on the official website, consumers may want to learn more details before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached with an email to or a phone call to 888-900-5947.


CleanKeys can be used by anyone that wants to protect themselves. Its use isn’t complicated, and there’s no special process that consumers have to learn. Just use the grip to open doors, handles, and more. This isn’t a substitute for the recommendations of handwashing by the CDC, but it can help to reduce how much consumers touch in their day by potentially 99%.

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