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Bell + Howell TacLight Review – High Performance LED Flashlight?

Bell Howell Tac Light Review

Whether you are out camping, need to protect your home from an intruder, or simply need to illuminate a space, you need the right flashlight. The typical flashlight is normally not strong enough to provide you with the brightness that you need and as a result, the light is not an effective tool for you to use.

The alternative option to the traditional flash light is the Tacit Light. Here is everything that you need to know about this durable, easy to use, and extremely bright flashlight. Once you use the Tacit Light, you can be certain that you’ll never go back to a traditional flashlight again.

About Tac Light

bell-howell-taclite-grandeTacit Light is one of the most remarkable flashlights that you will ever encounter. If you think those expensive and high-end flashlights are the best on the market, then you may want to reconsider your thought process.

The Tacit Light is not only much, much brighter than a traditional high-end flashlight, but it has numerous other features that can come in handy. As the brand explains, its product is “military grade” and “high performance.” As a result, you’re getting the best that materials, manufacturing, and creativity can put together.

An Array of Uses

As you’ll find, some flashlights are designed for mechanical repairs, while others are meant to provide you with a powerful beam to light up even the darkest of spaces. When it comes to Tacit Light, it really can be used for essentially anything and everything.

The flashlight is particularly useful for situations where you need to fend off an intruder, you are camping and need a strong light, or you are in an emergency situation in the dead of light and need to use the light’s shutter beam to signal for help. Each of these circumstances and others are reasons why the Tac Light is the right product for you.

Tac Light Compares Well to Other Brands

As you browse through your flashlight options, you’ll notice that Tac Light is a much better buy than most other tactical flashlights. For example, as the brand explains, it is used by military professionals, it performs just as advertised, and you certainly do not need to spend the same price tag on Tact Light as you do with other options. For even better specs, you get a product that is just a fraction of the cost of a regular tactical flashlight.

Television Commercial

If you really want to see the Tac Light in action, then you can do so by viewing the product’s commercial. The commercial is available throughout the web; simply search the name of the product and look under the “videos” tab on your regular search engine. Another option is to visit the brand’s website where the video is featured. By viewing the video, you can see first-hand how the product works and all of the wonderful features that it has. Best of all, the video will squash any doubts that you have as to the validity of the product.

Now that you know about a few important point related to Tac Light, it is now necessary to cover just how effective this flashlight can be and what its main qualities are.

The Advantages of Tac Light

Here are the main advantages to using Tac Light. Here are why it is such a great product and worth the investment:

Brighter than a Regular Flashlight

First and foremost, Tac Light is much brighter than a traditional flashlight. As the brand explains, it is 22 times brighter than a regular flashlight. With this brightness level, you can protect yourself and your family. To turn on the light, there is a convenient tap switch at the base of the device. When you use the device, others are able to see it 2 nautical miles away.

Tactical Strobe

The device also features a tactical strobe. The tactical strobe is an effective tool to scare away intruders or a nearby threat that is endangering your safety. The strobe light is easy to turn on since the flashlight is designed to be extremely convenient.

Compact and Lightweight

Another great quality to this tactical flashlight is that it is compact and lightweight. Unlike other products, it will not weigh you down and make you feel uncomfortable when using it. Moreover, you can fit it nearly anywhere, whether you are going camping or want to put it in your purse. Your camping gear and purse can easily hold the flashlight and you will hardly feel it weighing down.

Waterproof and Freeze-proof

It’s rare that you come by a flashlight that is waterproof and freeze-proof. When it comes to Tac light though, these qualities are apparent. The flashlight is able to withstand freezing temperatures and actually being frozen within a block of ice. Moreover, it is waterproof. If you don’t believe these claims, then you can visit the brand’s website and see for yourself. The videos show the flashlight working within a block of ice and even underwater.

Guaranteed for Life

There is nothing worse than using a low-quality flashlight that tends to break down and stop working entirely. Even worse is that most brands will not refund you the high cost of the product. With Tac Light though, these concerns are unnecessary. The product is able to withstand even the most challenging conditions – such as being driven over by a large truck. However, in the unlikely case that you are unhappy with the flashlight, then you can contact the brand and it will issue you a full refund. Keep in mind that the shipping and handling is free, so you also do not lose out money on shipping and handling if you decide to return the flashlight.

Also, the product has a lifetime guarantee. Therefore, if you do encounter an issue, you can contact the brand for a new product. There is also a promotion on the website where you can buy one and get one free. Now, you can share the wonders of the Tac Light with your friends and family.


Overall, Tac Light is a highly recommended product for those looking to enhance their safety and ensure that they have the right tools, no matter what condition they are in. The product is designed to provide you with protection and very strong illumination in the darkest of conditions.

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