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Nirvana Neck Rest Review: Zoom Wellness Pain Relieving Neck Hammock?

The Nirvana Neck Rest is a tool that allows consumers to use cervical traction as a means to eliminate the pressure on the neck, reducing inflammation and pain without any medication or other treatments. This device doesn’t act as a massager but instead works to solve the cause of pain with a remedy that can be done every day, at home, with a purchase from Zoom Wellness.

What is the Nirvana Neck Rest?

The body goes through a lot of stress every day, even for individuals that work a desk job. With bad posture, injury, osteoarthritis, or even exhaustion, the neck can take on substantial tension that can eventually evolve into life-disrupting pain. When this type of tension happens, a neck massage would probably feel amazing, but it only handles a symptom of the pain.

Considering that potentially 8 in every 10 people deals with neck pain, finding a solution for the cause (instead of the symptom) of the discomfort needs to be a priority. The creators at Zoom Wellness have developed a product to fill this need called the Nirvana Neck Rest.

The Nirvana Neck Rest

With even just one session, consumers will notice:

  • Less pain and stiffness in the neck
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Improvements in their posture
  • Increased circulation
  • Better sleep at night

Recommended by a board-certified chiropractic doctor named Anthony Crifase, this tool is meant to offer traction to consumers at home. Though it isn’t a replacement for getting a correction with a professional, it is helpful for individuals that are seeking the convenience of relief at home in some way. Individuals that are experiencing more pain throughout the rest of their body may way to see a professional – chiropractic or medical – when they can.

About 8 Guilt-Free Snacks for Joint Pain Relief

8 Guilt-Free Snacks for Joint Pain Relief, valued at $27, is only available to consumers that purchase the Nirvana Neck Rest. The creators of the Nirvana Neck Rest state that the key to improving their relief is by taking on an anti-inflammatory diet and the information in this guide will help with that change. By using these snacks in a daily regimen, the creator even suggests that the user will experience an elevated level of relief for stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

The foods recommended in 8 Guilt-Free Snacks for Joint Pain Relief are not expensive and fairly common. Though the exact foods are not stated on the website, they include “an everyday green” for damage to the cartilage, “a ’fatty’ food” that reduces joint pain and stiffness without painkillers, and “a tropical fruit” that also helps with joint pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nirvana Neck Rest

To clear up any questions that consumers might have, here are some of the answers needed regarding the Nirvana Neck Rest.

Q: The Nirvana Neck Rest uses TrakSoothe Technology. What is that?

A: This technology is a combination of two features – cervical traction and a horizontal strap system. Cervical traction is a type of physical therapy that is often used by chiropractors, helping to stretch the neck to release the pressure on the spine. Once the tension is alleviated, the user starts to see all of the benefits described above. There’s only one size available, which should work for any user, and the material is soft and latex-free to prevent irritation.

Q: How long will it take to see a change in neck pain and posture?

A: Every person is different. While the body will likely start changing from the first moment that Nirvana neck rest is used, every person has a different level of stress and pressure that has occurred in the spine and neck, so the time it takes to see a night and day difference will vary.

Q: The design seems a little intimidating. Will the user be uncomfortable?

A: Not at all. There are some people that even have found so much relief and comfort that they end up taking an hour-long nap.

Q: How is the Nirvana Neck Rest supposed to be used?

A: There are only three steps that users need to take when using the neck rest. First, they will wrap the resistance band around a door knob of any area of their home or office. Then, as the user lies down on the floor, they will place their neck in the soft cradle of the strap. Finally, the user relaxes and less the straps alleviate the tension. While the website doesn’t show exactly how long the user will have to stay in this position, they can refer to the instructions or ask the company directly.

For anyone that still has questions, the customer service team can help.

Purchasing the Zoom Wellness' Nirvana Neck Rest

The Nirvana Neck Rest is not available in any store or third-party retailer website, so consumers must go straight to the official Zoom Wellness page to make a purchase. Once there, customers can choose from a few different packages, depending on the number of these neck rests they want to have on hand. Choose from:

  • One Nirvana Neck Rest for $39.90, plus $4.95 for shipping
  • Three Nirvana Neck Rests for $79.95, with free shipping

While there are many benefits to using this product, anyone that isn’t happy with the relief it offers can send it back to the company within 60 days to get a full refund. However, they will need to notify the company first, and refunds will be issued within 10 business days.

Contacting the Creators of the Nirvana Neck Rest

Even with the immense information found on the Zoom Wellness website for the Nirvana Neck Rest, consumers may have specific questions before they purchase. To get in touch with the customer service team, consumers can either call 1-800-887-5579 or reach out via email (

Zoom Wellness Nirvana Neck Rest Final Thoughts

The Nirvana Neck Rest can provide relief to anyone. There’s no prescription needed, and the device is fairly easy to set up without any help. While painkillers can help to mask the pain and damage, using traction has shown to be substantially more effective in alleviating the pain that can come from an inflamed and stiff neck. Available on the official website, consumers can presently take advantage of a promotion that reduces the overall cost of the Nirvana Neck Rest.

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