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CoolAir: Portable Personal Cooler Fan to Purify and Humidify Air?

CoolAir: Portable Personal Cooler Fan to Purify and Humidify Air?

CoolAir is an air conditioning unit that gets its low temperature from circulating a humid but cold breeze at three different speeds. The device runs on a USB plug-in, which allows it to be used anywhere that there’s a connection to electricity.

What is CoolAir?

There is nothing worse in the summertime than being stuck without any way to cool off. There are already many people who are looking forward to flooding the beaches and parks after months of being cooped up inside. However, when it comes to the heat, most people will be looking for a way to cool off after too long, leaving their air conditioning to work hard.


Though there are many homes that have air conditioning units, there are many with swamp coolers or no working cooler at all. Even with good performance, these coolers can also break down or not offer the temperature that consumers want. For consumers that want relief that they can customize, there’s CoolAir.

CoolAir offers three different fan speeds that circulate cold air from a water tank, which can last for a total of 8 hours when it is filled properly. However, this device acts as more than just a cooling fan. Creating a little ambiance in any room it is placed in, CoolAir also has seven colors that users can choose to illuminate it with, making it a perfect decorative piece for any room. The compact design is small enough to put in any space, even for consumers that may find their living space a little cramped.

Purchasing the CoolAir Fan

Though the device is portable, consumers may find that they want to have multiple CoolAir fans going at the same time throughout a home or office. With a purchase online, consumers can choose from the many package options to make sure they have as many as they need.

Choose from:

  • One CoolAir for $89
  • Two CoolAir for $139
  • Three CoolAir for $177
  • Four CoolAir for $219
  • Five CoolAir for $267

Since there’s little time to wait with the rising temperatures, the company is offering free delivery for orders submitted today. There’s no telling how long consumers will be able to get out of the shipping costs, so anyone that wants to save a little extra may want to order sooner rather than later.

CoolAir Summary

CoolAir provides consumers with a simple and portable option that will last for eight hours of coolness, which is just enough to get someone through their workday or a hot summer night. The design is easy enough to operate, only requiring the user to add enough water and connect it to the power supply. To avoid overspending energy, it even shuts off automatically when the water runs out.

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