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Survival Life’s Everstryke Match Pro Tactical Lighter Review

Everstryke – The Ultimate Survival Tool?

Everyone has seen at least one movie of survival. Whether it’s being stuck on a desert island or getting lost in the woods, these stories fascinate people, and with good reason. Everyone wants to know the limits of human strength. How far can someone be pushed before they give up? How strong can a person be?

The truth is, even though these stories are extremely fascinating, very few people would actually be prepared if they ever got lost in the wilderness. Not only would they not have the knowledge of how to survive or find help, but they wouldn’t have the tools on them. In fact, most people don’t even own the tools that are needed for even basic survival in the wilderness, especially since smartphones and selfie sticks don’t count.

While most people won’t ever find themselves in a serious life or death survival situation, it’s imperative that everyone prepares for one. These situations come up at the most unexpected times, whether in the shape of an accident or a natural disaster. And in these situations, people should have at least a basic knowledge of survival as well as a few necessary tools to help.

The Everstryke Match is the perfect tool for those who want to have a source of fire on them at all times. In its new sleek, modern design, the Everstryke Match is able to light a fire in any whether and at any time. And, because it’s so durable and made to last, it can survive the most harrowing situations, offering users the spark they need to get a fire going.

What is the Everstryke Match?

The Everstryke Match is a tool that is similar to a lighter. However, unlike a lighter, this tool offers users everything they need to start a fire, all in a compact, modern design. And, because the Everstryke Match can easily fit on a key ring or in a bag, it is extremely easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

Unlike lighters or matches, the Everstryke Match doesn’t need to be kept dry to work. In fact, the device can be completely emerged in water and, when it’s removed and opened, will still create a hot, lasting flame that can be used in the most dire situations. Because the Everstryke Match is so durable, it can survive being bumped and dropped, so it’s perfect for emergency situations when a fire or light source is needed immediately.

While the Everstryke Match is perfect for emergency situations, it is also a nifty tool for outdoors people who like to camp or hike. Instead of having to carry a bulky lighter or unreliable matches, users can simply attach the Everstryke Match to their belt loop, backpack, or carry it in their pockets. Because it’s so light, they won’t notice it until it’s time to start a fire.

The Everstryke Match is an extremely handy tool, but it also looks amazing, too. Made out of solid stainless steel, the small device looks sleek and modern, perfect for the campers or survival minded people of today. And, with the new design, the Everstryke Match is able to carry twice the amount of fuel it could hold before, extending the number of times it can be used and the length of time it can be kept burning.

For those who want an easy lighting solution, whether for enjoying the outdoors or for an emergency situation, the Everstryke Match is the best choice. It gives users everything they could want in a fire source and more, adding a durability and ease of use that so few survival tools offer today.

Benefits of the Everstryke Match

The new design of the Everstryke Match has an extended list of benefits for users who are interested in trying the tool out. Despite the quality of the previous Everstryke Match, the redesign was commissioned to make it more durable and able to carry twice as much fuel as before, making it a more efficient survival tool.

The benefits of the Everstryke Match are listed below.

-Improved Design

The redesign introduced new features like a replaceable flint and a wick that is ten times longer. The wick is also replaceable for those who use their Everstryke Match on a daily basis.


The new design of the Everstryke Match has it all. Now it contains a Ferro rod and a wick, making it a fire starting kit that can fit easily in a pocket, backpack, or attach conveniently to a hiking pack.

-Burns Hot

Because of the addition of the Ferro rods, the Everstryke Match is able to strike at 3,000 degrees. The heat isn’t just a flash, though, and the flame continues to burn at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Lasts Longer

Unlike matches that can only be used once or lighters that seem to run out faster and faster, the Everstryke Match is able to burn through 15,000 long-lasting strikes. Because of the O-ring that keeps the fuel in the Everstryke Match from evaporating, the fuel in the device actually lasts, instead of evaporating like it does in other tools.

-Simple Use

Despite its new, modern design, the Everstryke Match is extremely easy to use. It’s as simple as starting a lighter or lighting a match, but it won’t burn or hurt the fingertips that those alternative devices.

-Perfect for Survival

Whether it’s in the rain or has been banged around, the Everstryke Match still works, making it the perfect survival tool. The Everstryke Match makes sure that users can start a fire when and where they need.

In addition to all these amazing benefits, there are two bonuses that come when users get the Everstryke Match. The first is a book called “Ultimate Survival Skills”. This eBook will take readers through several tips and guidelines they can follow to learn the skills of survival.

The second bonus included for those who get the Everstryke Match is a free survival skills course. For those who are serious about learning how to last in the wilderness, this course is the perfect way to hone and test their skills.

Purchasing the Everstryke Match

The best part about the Everstryke Match is that it is available for free. A new community is being started, called Survival Life and the Family Protection Association. And, in order to raise awareness of this community as well as supporting a lifestyle of survival mindedness, it is giving away the Everstryke Match completely free, including the two free bonuses mentioned above.

Usually, the Everstryke Match costs about $19. However, for the low cost of shipping and handling, customers can get it absolutely free of charge. Now, they won’t only have a survival tool that they can use on any outdoor adventure, they’ll also have guides and courses they can take for no charge.

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