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Cloud Storage

JustCloud Review – Best Free Online Cloud Storage System?

Just Cloud Review

Just Cloud is a new cloud storage service that promises to help anyone store all their files in the cloud. Here’s our Just Cloud review.

What is Just Cloud?

Just Cloud is a subscription-based cloud storage service that is available across all popular desktop and mobile platforms. It provides free cloud storage that’s automated, secure, and encrypted. You can access your files from anywhere – including on iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

Basic Just Cloud storage is free, but to get more storage space, you’ll need to pay $8.69 per month or more, which gives you 75GB of storage space. Plans scale upwards from there to accommodate larger cloud storage needs.

Just Cloud frequently refers to its plans as having “ultimate” storage. It appears that the company just replaced the word “unlimited” with “ultimate” to see if they could fool people: in reality, anyone who goes over “normal” usage will be transferred to the business plan, which costs significantly more.

In any case, if you’re signing up for Just Cloud because you think you’ll enjoy unlimited storage in a free cloud storage account, then Just Cloud isn’t what you’re looking for.

Just Cloud Features

File Backup

Just Cloud’s file manager system looks about the same as you would expect and resembles Windows Explorer – the file manager you use to interact with your Windows files and folders. From this interface, backing up your files is as easy as clicking the backup button at the top of the page. This saves an alternate copy of that file to the cloud. Just Cloud also integrates directly with Windows Explorer, so you can control your cloud storage without leaving your native Windows file manager interface.

Scheduled Backups

Backup your Just Cloud files automatically once per day, week, or month, according to how safe you want to be. Scheduled backups let you tell your computer to backup data at a time convenient to you – like in the middle of the night on a Wednesday.

Just Cloud also makes it easy to restore data from these backups. If you ever lose your data at some future point in time, then restoring data from that backup takes just a few clicks from the online Just Cloud interface.

File Synchronization

You can create Just Cloud folders on your computer that sync across all your devices. So if you have a work folder that you need to access on multiple computers, then Just Cloud will let you create that folder.

File Versioning

Like other popular cloud services, Just Cloud lets you view file version history. If you overwrite a file and replace it with a different version accidentally, then you can view your file version history and recover the exact version of that file you need.

Mobile Apps

Just Cloud offers mobile apps for all popular mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Amazon Fire, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 tablets.

Mobile Photo Upload

Just like most popular cloud storage services, Just Cloud offers automatic photo backup from your mobile device. If you never want to lose the photos you’ve taken on your mobile device, then you can use your Just Cloud account to tell your mobile device to only upload photos over Wi-Fi (or you can choose 4G if you have a good data plan).

Just Cloud Pricing Plans

Just Cloud offers three different pricing plans. Each pricing plan comes with a monthly rate as well as an annual discount and a two year discount (for when you order one year or two year subscriptions at one time).

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for Just Cloud:

  • -Basic (75GB): $8.69 per month ($74.28 per year or $134.64 per two years)
  • -Premium (250GB): $9.94 per month ($89.28 per year or $148.55 per two years)
  • -Ultimate (1TB): $12.44 per month ($119.28 per year or $208.56 per two years)

To view these pricing plans and upgrade your account, you’ll first need to create a free Just Cloud account.

The Verdict

Just Cloud is competing with some of the world’s largest companies – like Microsoft and Google – for cloud storage space. If you were turned off by some of the features on Google Drive or OneDrive, then Just Cloud is a good third place solution. There is no question that smart devices like Lima and others are gearing up for the online cloud storage systems race.

However, many people will find the pricing plans and restrictions to be confusing: Just Cloud offers “ultimate” storage and hints that your free storage is unlimited – but once you actually sign up for the system, you’ll find that you’re restricted to just a few gigabytes of storage and must pay $8 to $12 per month for more.

For all of these reasons, Just Cloud won’t be the right fit for every cloud storage user – but it’s a decent alternative from some of the larger cloud storage companies on the market.

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