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Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber Review

Shadowhawk Laser Saber Review

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber is a brand new product that is exactly as cool as it sounds: just like the world-famous Shadowhawk tactical flashlights, the Laser Saber is a heavy-duty laser that looks and functions like a lightsaber. Here’s our Shadowhawk Laser Saber review.

What is the Shadowhawk Laser Saber?

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber is a brand new product that just launched at the start of March 2016.

True to its name, the Laser Saber looks a lot like a lightsaber from Star Wars. There’s a growing market for these laser sabers and Shadowhawk appears to be capitalizing on the hype early.

You may be familiar with Shadowhawk from their popular lineup of tactical flashlights. Shadowhawk makes tactical flashlights out of aircraft-grade aluminum and then sells those flashlights for $35 to $50 online. The flashlights emphasize brightness, self-defense, and long-lasting durability.

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber and the company’s original flashlights have a lot in common. Keep reading to discover a few of the most popular features.

Shadowhawk Laser Saber Features

  • Designed in the United States
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • “Military technology”
  • “Most powerful laser in the United States”
  • “Can be seen from space”
  • Multiple lens options (sold separately)
  • Self-defense design, including a beveled edge and heavy-duty aluminum to fight off an attacker

The three claims in the middle there are worth a closer look. Shadowhawk claims that it’s laser can be seen from space. It also claims to be used by the military. What?

Can You Really See the Shadowhawk Laser Saber’s Light from Space?

First of all, this claim is impossible to prove. After all, even a review company like us can’t go into space, look down at the planet, and check to see if there’s a light shining in one corner of the globe. We just can’t do that.

However, let’s consider some of the bright objects that we can see from space. The most famous light that you can “see from space” is the Luxor’s light beam in Las Vegas.

The report that you can see the Luxor from space, unfortunately, is a myth. That light beam uses incredible technology and it still can’t be seen from space as a distinct light (although all of Las Vegas can be seen from space, the Luxor never stands out as one distinct light).

That’s significant when you consider the technology used in the light. The Luxor’s light, also called the Sky Beam, is not just one giant lightbulb: it’s 39 x 7,000 watt bulbs situated in a room about 50 feet below the top of the pyramid of the Luxor.

The Luxor’s Sky Beam light is the most powerful light in the world. Each light reportedly costs approximately $1,200 and lasts for $2,000 hours. The 39 individual lights are estimated to create 40 billion candlepower in total. The lights cost $51 an hour to run, $20 of which goes solely towards electricity.

And despite all that power, the world’s most powerful light still cannot be seen from space.

However, you can read reports from pilots in say, Los Angeles, who have reported being able to look over the mountains on a clear night and see the Luxor light beam shining up. It’s also visible from the ground in places as far away as Laughlin or Mesquite, Nevada.

If you think that a $50 flashlight-like device sold online has more power than the Luxor in Las Vegas, then you’re probably wrong.

So no, don’t expect to use the Shadowhawk Laser Saber to shine your light into space. It may be a powerful light, but it’s not that powerful.

Comparing the Best Flashlight Lasers

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber isn’t the only light saber you can purchase today. There are a number of other companies offering light sabers as well.

Krypton, for example, makes a flashlight saber sold for $999.95. That saber claims to be strong enough to point out individual stars in the sky. It’s available in four colors, including blue, green, purple, and red. That light comes with 9 different operating modes, including strobe, constant wave, SOS, beacon, tactical, and more. The laser is actually so powerful that there’s a SmartSwitch locking technology to prevent unauthorized access to the device, and each laser comes with a tactical holster and “LaserShades” to protect your eyes.

So that’s what the high-end laser saber market looks like. On the lower end of the spectrum, we have the Shadowhawk Laser Saber, priced at around $50. To help you decide which device is right for you, let’s take a look at the best ways to compare different light sabers on the market today:

-Light Power: The $1000 Krypton light saber mentioned above has a minimum power of 900mW. Shadowhawk has not published the power of their light yet (although the original Tactical Flashlight claims to have a maximum light intensity of 800 lumens).

-Beam Divergence and Diameter: When you’re using a flashlight, a wider beam is often desirable. A laser saber or laser light, however, typically uses a more focused beam. The high-end Krypton saber has a beam divergence of 2mRad and a beam diameter of 2mmx7mm. Once again, Shadowhawk does not disclose their beam divergence or beam diameter.

-Beam Distance: The Krypton saber has a beam distance of 54,816 meters (54.8km). That’s the distance that the beam can travel while still emitting a minimum of 0.25 lux of light. Space, by the way, starts at around 100km. So even the ultra-powerful Krypton doesn’t claim to shine into space, like the Shadowhawk Laser Saber.

-Power Consumption and Power Supply: Some laser sabers need to be recharged daily. Others can be safely used for hours without needing a charge. The Krypton, for example, has a battery lifetime of 30 to 180 minutes before needing to be recharged. The Shadowhawk Laser Saber doesn’t list its expected battery life.

-Expected Lifetime: No flashlight lasts forever. The Krypton is expected to last for over 5,000 hours, and the Shadowhawk is likely expected to last for about the same length of time (Although the company hasn’t disclosed this information).

-Modes: Most laser sabers have a variety of modes from which to choose, including high power, low power, strobe, continuous, SOS, beacon, and tactical standby. If you plan on using the device for specialized tasks – say, for alerting search and rescue personnel when camping – then you should make sure your laser saber has the correct mode.

-Warranty: A 1 year warranty is the bare minimum you want for a laser saber. Some companies may extend that warranty.

-Colors: Want a specific color of light saber? Typically, you can choose from a range of different options.

Shadowhawk Laser Saber Pricing

Like the Shadowhawk flashlights, the Laser Sabers are available to purchase individually or through bulk savings. Here’s how pricing breaks down for the Shadowhawk Laser Sabers:

  • -1 Laser: $56
  • -2 Lasers: $97 ($48.50 per unit)
  • -3 Lasers: $134 ($44.6 per unit)
  • -4 Lasers: $169 ($42.25 per unit)
  • -5 Lasers: $196 ($39.20 per unit)
  • -10 Lasers: $350 ($35 per unit)
  • -15 Lasers: $525 ($35 per unit)
  • -20 Lasers: $700 ($35 per unit)

As you can see, the price doesn’t drop below $35 per unit, which is the same base price used by the Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight as well.

You can currently only buy the Shadowhawk Laser Saber from the official website at, where you’ll be able to pay via all major credit cards.

About Shadowhawk

Shadowhawk is a flashlight manufacturer that just recently introduced a lineup of laser sabers. The company is based in the United States and claims to make its flashlights using premium-grade, aircraft-quality aluminum.

Shadowhawk is based in Las Vegas at the following address:

7582 Las Vegas Blvd. S #115-405

Las Vegas, NV 89123

You can get in touch with the company by email at which is their main site for the X800 tactical flashlight.

Currently, Shadowhawk products are only available for purchase online through and cannot be found through any other retailer online or offline.

Should You Buy a Shadowhawk Laser Saber?

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber is basically just a Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight with the cap removed. The manufacturer has installed a device that focuses the beam instead of spreading it out over a large area, which basically just turns an ordinary flashlight into a high-powered laser pointer.

The Shadowhawk Laser Saber also uses the same aircraft-grade aluminum design and is activated using a button on the bottom of the flashlight – just like the Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight.

Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, you probably won’t be able to see the Shadowhawk Laser Saber from space. You can buy $1,000 laser sabers that won’t be seen from space – so at this cheaper price range, you can’t expect to get that much power.

Nevertheless, you can still cause significant damage with this laser saber and illuminate objects surprisingly far away (the manufacturer claims it can travel about 5 miles).

At a price of $56, the Shadowhawk Laser Saber is a fair deal. However, if you can team up with some friends, you can save a lot of money by ordering 4 or 5 lasers at the same time.

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