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Standup Desks

Varidesk Review – Premium Height-Adjusting Standup Desk?

Varidesk Standing Desks Review

Varidesk is a private company offering varying designs of height adjustable standing desks. The company serves workers that need to combat the adverse effects of sitting at desks for long hours. They can convert a workstation from a sitting to a standup desk.

About Varidesk

Varidesk is an independent line of production of Gemmy Industries, founded in 1984, based in Dallas US. The company provides the leading height-adjustable standing desk, aimed at providing a healthier and industrious working environment. The firm operates an e-commerce site where online buyers access the products, with some available in other marketing platforms such as Amazon. The company's annual revenue stands at about $1 million to $5 million.

Currently, Varidesk products continue to gain preference in different sectors such as health institutes, United Nations Secretariat, law firms, and education institutions among others. The product concept was born in Gemmy Industries, a company widely regarded as high-quality lighting technology.

The Products

The products include standup desks that have reportedly been able to reduce cases of aches and pains associated with lengthy sitting. Most come fully-assembled and easy to integrate with existing offices, and hence, turn the sitting desk to stand up within seconds. The desks allow users to adjust the heights at varying intervals by squeezing the handles. Since 2013, the sit-to-stand desks have earned prestigious awards such as:

  • Product innovation awards of Buildings magazine
  • Silver award of the contract magazine

The desks come in three sizes to allow convenient laptop set up, single or twin monitors on the upper part that adjusts to suit the required height. Some of the standard models include the Varidesk cube plus 48, Varidesk Pro 30, Pro 36 and Pro plus 36. The most recent upgrade of Varidesk Pro 36 to Pro plus 36 included:

  • A dual monitor
  • The surface of about 36”*27.”
  • Keyboard tray
  • Weigh 52.5lbs
  • Carrying capacity of 35lbs

Also, the desks come with a free smartphone or desktop application that prompts the users to stand at different intervals. The application measures and shows extra calories burned daily by when standing and sitting.

The Impact

The idea came to being as a result of intensive research by entities such as Mayo Clinic, American Cancer Society, University of Missouri and American college of cardiology and research. Varidesk sought to solve issues identified by the studies such as:

  • Increased prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity
  • Low fat burning rates
  • Low life expectancy associated with sitting for long hours and hence little physical activity

While research led to the launch of the desk, it served to test the validity of the concerns raised in the conventional working spaces. After initial testing, employers attest to higher working morale and hence higher output at the place of work. Several companies in Dallas have tried the products and loved them. Each began with a few units and then ordered more due to the thrilling reception they got from their employees.

The Verdict

Often, new technology comes at a high cost that deters accessibility. Varidesk comes at an affordable price making it accessible to anyone willing to work in a content and healthier station. It comes in flexible designs that help one stand and sit without stretching one's legs. Users need no tools to set up the desk.

Besides buying Varidesk at affordable prices, you are rest assured of minimal cost of maintenance thanks to the quality of the desk. Durability is a factor that makes it suitable for all types of working environments. All you need is to order the desk without having to remove the existing station or even creating additional space. In case you do away with your previous furniture, you may consider renting smaller office space.

While technology seems complicated, users do not need special training to operate the ergonomic desk. It is a simple as pressing the handles and reversing to restore the original position. For many, it's well worth the investment. Varidesk comes a long way in solving intrinsic issues that lower productivity. It’s a minor investment that motivates workers and increases efficiency.

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