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LED Tactical Flashlights

ApexBeam Tactical Flashlight – Legit CK2000 TacLight Kit?

When it comes to protecting family and loved ones, most people agree that no price is too much. This is why so many people spend huge amounts on security systems, safe cars, and health and life insurances. All these extra steps are taken to make sure that people and their loved ones are ready for any situation and will be safe through the most harrowing times.

However, even though many people put a lot of thought into how they can care for their loved ones, usually these plans still depend on the basics. People don’t often think how they would be able to protect their loved ones if there was no transportation, water, or, even rarer, electricity.

The CK2000 Tactical Flashlight, sold by ApexBeam, is the perfect solution for those who want to be prepared in all things. The powerful beam of the CK2000 will provide enough light even on the darkest of nights. Plus, the heavy body of the tactical flashlight is perfect for self-defense.

What is the ApexBeam CK2000?

The ApexBeam CK2000 is a tactical flashlight that makes it easier than ever for users to get the light source they need with the quality body that will last through the worst situations. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the CK2000 is light and easy to carry, making it an unobtrusive device to carry on a daily basis. However, the lightness of the flashlight is quite deceiving, since the flashlight is resilient and able to take a beating.

The number one reason most people buy flashlights is to have a light source in places and at times where light is unavailable. Even though the body of the ApexBeam CK2000 is one of the first things people notice about the tactical flashlight, its true power is found in its lighting capabilities. The compact Tactical Flashlight uses a Cree LED lightbulb, which gives it about 100,000 hours of light. And the light that the CK2000 produces is unlike any other, though more of this is explained below.

For those who think that they can purchase any flashlight and get the support they need, the CK2000 is able to show the folly in these thoughts. While there are many flashlights on the market, none offer the many benefits and features that come with the CK2000. The compact, durable tactical flashlight is going above and beyond when it comes to providing the support users need when it comes to lighting the darkest, scariest areas.

ApexBeam is proud to support jobs in the United States, which is why the CK2000 is designed and shipped in the country. Not only does this help the company keep closer tabs on quality control, but it allows customers to get their products faster.

Benefits of the CK2000

The biggest benefit of the CK2000 is found in the quality of the light it provides users. To better understand the quality of the tactical flashlight and its beam output, an understanding of regular flashlights is needed. In most flashlights, those purchased at a regular store, the light output is around 100-500 Lux. This output will bring light to part of a small room, but the batteries will need to be replaced often. A 500-1000 Lux flashlight is a bit higher-end and can light part of an outdoor space, though not very far. To put this in perspective, the CK2000 is 2000 Lux, which is considered a professional-grade output and can light up an entire football field, making it one of the brightest flashlights available.

Another big benefit of the CK2000 is its versatility. As mentioned above, the tactical flashlight is made of the highest quality aluminum, making it light and compact, but very tough. Due to the size and weight of the CK2000, it can be used for a wide range of purposes. It can be kept in the car to be used in case of a breakdown. It can be attached to guns for law enforcement, military personnel, or security. For those who are out in the wilderness, the CK2000 is perfect for hunting and camping. And, because it is IP65 Standard waterproof, the CK2000 is an ideal tool for fishing trips.

The CK2000 was designed to be easy to carry and use. The body of the flashlight is made with an anti-slip design, so even in the harshest conditions, users will be able to keep a firm grasp on the tactical flashlight. The CK2000 also has an anti-roll housing cap and overheat protection, making it perfect for all sorts of situations. Plus, the CK2000 has an illuminated tactical tail switch, so users can always see what they’re doing.

One of the worst things about other flashlight options is that they require constant changes of batteries, which can get very expensive very fast. Even though the CK2000 offers a brighter light than any regular flashlight, it doesn’t burn through its batteries like other options. More importantly, the CK2000 comes with convenient power options. Users will be thrilled to know that the CK2000 comes with the rechargeable AAA battery that powers the device, but also a wall charger for the rare charges needed to keep the CK2000 running at optimum.

As an added bonus, for those who purchase the CK2000 today, the flashlight comes with its own tactical case. The foam-padded, durable case doesn’t just protect the CK2000 and its accessories, but it also comes with a carry strap that makes it easier than ever to travel with the tactical flashlight.

Purchasing the CK2000

There are several purchasing options available on the ApexBeam website for those who are interested in getting their CK2000 tactical flashlight. A list of these different purchasing options can be found below.

  • 1 Flashlight – $69.95 ($9.95 Shipping and Handling)
  • Buy 2 Flashlights, Get 1 Free – $129.85 (Free Shipping)
  • Buy 3 Flashlights, Get 2 Free – $149.95 (Free Shipping)
  • 10 Flashlights – $299.99 (Free Shipping)

All purchases of the CK2000 also come with a 30 day, money back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with their purchases, they can return the products within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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