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LED Tactical Flashlights

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight Technology

AssistiveTech is all about technology that assists you in enhancing and improving your life; no matter health, wealth, safety, security or privacy. By now you know that assistive technology is meant to make a person ‘more whole' and we feel that personal safety and emergency securities can not be overlooked.

We have a great review of the ShadowHawk X800 Tactical LED flashlight features and benefits to bring you today. We will be expanding much more upon the self-defense specifications and emergency qualifications a highly-evolved “taclight” can assist you with should you ever need it.

The Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight: More Than Just a Cool Flashlight

The hottest military grade tactical flashlight delivers stunning… no, blinding light in 5 different ways and is no bigger than the size of your hands.

Flashlight addicts, junkies and specialists get more than they bargain for with the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight.  That's because it delivers us from dim flashlight disorder on so many levels with multiple modes and fancy functions that you can't describe all it does without sharing each individual setting.  While the product's pitch might be aggressively announced in their campaigns using the scarcity and a fear-laden message of the rise in domestic terrorism and natural disaster preparation, one can not help but understand the bare necessity and basic necessary need to have a bright light when needed.

Whether you are driving at night or an avid camper, or a late night house roamer – you can find practical uses for a professional-grade tactical flashlight equipped with LED lighting technology that is military-inspired and extremely durable and reliable for the long haul and use.

The X800 X-Factor Features: What Makes This The Best Tactical Flashlight?

We will effectively elaborate on all of the Shadowhawk flashlight features below:

  •  Brightness

The most striking feature of this flashlight is the incredible power of the bulb.  Blasting out at over 800 lumens, the bulb easily outpowers most flashlights on the market.

Just to give you an idea of how ridiculously bright this is, there's another badass flashlight on the market called the Life Pro Flashlight.  Its bulb peaks at 270 lumens.

Another cool tactical flashlight, the Porcupine, has similar self defense features like you're about to find out about on the ShadowHawk X800.  Lumens on the Porcupine?  70!

Clearly, the ShadowHawk is of a different species of flashlights.  In fact, the bulb (called the XPE Lighting Class Performance lightbulb) is only available on the ShadowHawk X800.

Warning: if you shine this in someone's eyes, you will blind that person (temporarily of course).

And that brings us to the second feature: the strobe setting on the device.  800+ lumens is enough to stun anyone into submission, but turn that into a strobe and you've just added the disorienting power of a blow to the head…all without laying a finger on your assailant.

  •  Construction

The ShadowHawk X800 is made of military grade aluminum, which is as strong a material as you'll find in a flashlight.  Not only is it strong, but it's lightweight, too.  Aluminum is used in airplanes because it's incredibly strong yet comparatively lightweight with other metals.

This is of course a great feature, but it's the only area where the ShadowHawk marketing is perhaps a tad bit over-inflated.  Military grade aluminum is used in all sorts of consumer retail products so it's not such a special event to have a flashlight made of “military grade aluminum”.  Your dollar store flashlight, unless it's made of plastic, is probably made of some type of aluminum…lightweight and durable enough for every day use.

  •  Testing

This is a tool, not just a flashlight.  The jagged edge of the bulb hood is a good tool for breaking glass (or a good poke in the eye if you're defending yourself).  It's also bright enough for any circumstance, including anything a police officer or soldier is likely to encounter.

That's why the ShadowHawk has been used by both groups… it's been tested in the field, which is why it's trusted.

  •  Zoom

When was the last time you ZOOMED with your flashlight and it meant anything?  This one has 2000X zoom…focusing your beam in pinpoint laser precision.  There are also other zoom settings: 500X and 1000X.

Buying The X800 – Volume, Value, Viability?

The USP (unique selling propostion) of the X800 Tactical Shadowhawk flashlight is curious and intriguing, but lets talk about the price and cost at play here. There are bulk volume pricing options but do they hold merit and legit valuable purchasing power? Let's quickly cover the veracity and viability about these extraordinary exceptional taclights.

Many military-grade LED tactical flashlights perform similarly and hold up to rough wear.  The problem is they often come with a pricey front-end investment- $100 and up.  Not the Shadowhawk X800.  It's priced well below half of most comparable tactical flashlights but also finds itself “in the middle of the pack” in terms of all the available taclights to choose from for the best assistance.

Plus, it's rated to last 100,000 hours of normal lamp life.  It only takes 3 AAA batteries, believe it or not.  No messing with rechargeable batteries that get less powerful after just a few uses until you have to invest in another set. For most, they will find they can put one in the house, maybe an attic or basement, maybe their cars and multiple vehicles, or garage and

Overall, the quality is superb.  It's made in the U.S.A. and shipped to consumers from the warehouse in California.  It's an American company, so customer service is top notch as well.

The Verdict

The ShadowHawk X800, aside from having the coolest flashlight name in history, is one badass gadget.  You get the functionality of the intensely bright light, the instant light weapon (that's the disarming strobe), and self-defense tool all in one. Most of the feedback we were getting was “a tactical flashlight with 5 settings and military specs plus bonus features like a window-shattering edge and self-defense strobe”…not exactly catchy and memorable! So we hope this Shadowhawk X800 review of their highly-specialized tactical flashlight was good enough for you to make an informed decision on whether or not this is right for you.

Plus, features like the battery-saving lower settings on the light itself are thoughtful touches for energy-conscious individuals.  And the best part is, the ShadowHawk X800 costs less than a night out at Outback Steakhouse.



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