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LithiumCard Pro – World’s Fastest Device Charger?

LithiumCard Pro Review

LithiumCard Pro is a fast charging device that promises to be “the world’s fastest charger for every device.” Does it really work? Let’s find out today in our LithiumCard Pro review.

What is LithiumCard Pro?

LithiumCard Pro is a small portable charger that promises to work 300% faster than the standard Apple iPhone charger. You can use the device to charge two phones or tablets simultaneously. And, it comes with built-in charging cables that work on Android (through USB) or Apple (through the Lightning connector).

The charger is available online through, where it’s priced at around $60.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features on the LithiumCard Pro.

LithiumCard Pro Features

The LithiumCard Pro comes with all of the following features:

-Charge two devices at once

-Charge 3 times more quickly than a conventional Apple charger

-Built-in charging cables for Apple and Android

-LEDs to indicate how much power you have left (blue means 10% charged, white means over 90% charged, and red means less than 10% charged)

-Nanostick pad that lets you attach the charger to any phone or surface

-Apple MFi certified to be compatible with an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus

-Micro-USB connector compatible with all Android phones and tablets (USB 2.0)

-Fully charges an iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6S and charges iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus devices to 80%

How Does It Work?

The LithiumCard Pro claims to work using a proprietary “HyperCharging” technology created by Linear Flux engineers. This technology uses algorithms to measure your device’s electronic charging capabilities and then communicates with your device to achieve the most optimal charging curve.

That’s just a bunch of fancy talk to say that the charger looks at the maximum amount of current your device can accept, and then it provides that current. Since most devices cannot draw more than 1.10 to 1.30 amps (it’s a safety feature), you’re not going to enjoy faster charging on most electronics.

The makers of LithiumCard Pro claim they’ve designed their charger to have a “super low parasitic design” which means it will hold a charge for a year or more. It can also operate at peak efficiency for 1000 cycles, which means it will be able to go from fully charged to fully discharged 1000 times without impacting its efficiency.

Once your device is fully charged, LithiumCard Pro is also smart enough to turn off the charging cycle – so your device won’t be impacted by “overcharging” (although this is a non-issue on virtually all modern devices – you can safely leave a phone or tablet plugged in overnight past 100% without impacting its long-term battery life).

LithiumCard Pro Pricing

LithiumCard Pro is available exclusively online at the following prices and package discount rates:

-1 Charger: $59.99 + Free Shipping (Includes 1 NanoStick Pad)

-2 Chargers: $89.99 + Free Shipping (Includes 2 NanoStick Pads)

-3 Chargers: $120 + Free Shipping (Includes 3 NanoStick Pads)

The online store accepts all major credit cards. The NanoStick pads, as mentioned above, can be used to stick your LithiumCard Pro to any surface. The manufacturer recommends using it to stick the charger to the back of your cell phone or tablet so you always have an extra charge close by.

Shipping is available around the world.

The prices above come from the official Linear Flux website. However, the same charger is available from Amazon, where it’s priced at $27.99 with free shipping. That’s much more in line with the price we see on other chargers, but it still makes LithiumCard Pro towards the higher end of the spectrum.

What Do Customers Have to Say About the LithiumCard Pro?

The LithiumCard Pro isn’t particularly well-reviewed online. Many people call it a scam or sham product that doesn’t work as advertised. On Amazon, the average rating is 2.7 stars out of 5. There are more 1 star reviews than anything else.

The product did go through a legitimate Indiegogo campaign. However, customers who purchased their charger through that campaign are now having significant problems with the device. It worked well for the first 4 to 8 months, and then suddenly stopped taking a full charge (customers report that it only charges to 5 to 10% of its former capacity). Considering the charger claims to work for 1000 cycles, that’s not a good thing.

Some customers complain their charger stopped working after just 5 months.

Other customers complain about the poor build quality of the device, which uses a thin layer of cheap tape to secure the metal cover to the chassis – which means it’s easy to remove.

Here are some other pros and cons of the charger we’ve collected from Amazon reviews and other reviews online:


-Sleek, stylish form that looks great

-Convenient built-in USB port and cord

-Fits easily into pockets or bag (it’s the approximate length and width of a credit card)

-Helpful LEDs to indicate charging capacity

-Pass through charging that lets you charge the device and use the phone at the same time


-Doesn’t fully charge modern smartphones (“it doesn’t get my Samsung Galaxy S6 anywhere near full charge”, writes one reviewer)

-“I have $5 portable chargers that do better”

-Stops working after just 1 to 2 months (although some reviewers claim Amazon replaced it after they complained)

-Poor build quality, including USB ports that become loose and covers that fall apart

Ultimately, LithiumCard Pro advertises a capacity of 3000 mAh, but it appears many people have trouble drawing that amount of battery life from the device. It’s also important to remember that a growing number of modern smartphones have a battery capacity higher than 3000 mAh – so even on its best days, the LithiumCard Pro won’t be able to fully charge the latest Galaxy Note or an iPhone 6 Plus.

Should You Use the LithiumCard Pro to Charge your Electronics?

The LithiumCard Pro claims to be the world’s most powerful charger. In reality, the product is poorly-reviewed online and has faced a wave of complaints about build quality and reliability. It may be able to fully charge older smartphones – like an iPhone 5. But customers have reported that it doesn’t get modern smartphones – even last year’s Galaxy S6 – anywhere near a full charge.

One of the few benefits of the LithiumCard Pro is that it is small, compact, and portable. If you need an extra 10% to 15% boost to get you through the last part of the day, then the LithiumCard Pro may be able to provide that boost to you.

However, the portable charging market is incredibly crowded. Priced at $60 on their official website, LithiumCard Pro is significantly more expensive than its competitors. Even on Amazon, where the original LithiumCard is priced at $28, you’re probably paying too much. There are simply plenty of better options at a lower price range – and the “faster charging” thing doesn’t even work on most electronics (manufacturers impose charging limits to avoid the risk of overheating).

Based on all of this information, you might want to re-consider buying the LithiumCard Pro.

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