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SmartDOT: Mobile Phone Device EMF Radiation Protection Sticker


SmartDOT is a sticker that claims to protect you against EMF radiation.

You place SmartDOT on your phone or any other electronic device, and the sticker prevents you from being harmed by EMF radiation.

Does SmartDOT actually work as advertised to block the damage of radiation? Can a simple sticker really block EMF? Let’s take a closer look at how SmartDOT works in our review.

What is SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is an EMF protection device sticker. The sticker “retunes the electromagnetic frequencies” of EMF radiation at the source, which means “they are no longer harmful to the body to absorb”.

SmartDOT doesn’t just work on smartphones or laptops. The sticker claims to work on all devices that transmit EMF radiation, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, televisions, baby monitors, and game consoles. The manufacturer recommends placing one sticker on each device.

By using SmartDOT throughout your home, you can purportedly enjoy noticeable health benefits. SmartDOT claims to relieve unwanted symptoms like headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and agitation, among other harmful effects of EMF radiation.

How Does SmartDOT Work?

SmartDOT claims to retune electromagnetic frequencies at their source, changing the frequencies so they are not harmful to the body to absorb.

Oddly, the maker of SmartDOT does not go into much further detail about what’s inside the sticker or how it works. However, they do claim the sticker has been tested on humans with “incredible results”. The manufacturer does not link to any study verifying this information.

SmartDOT claims to work using “quantum technology” and “premium materials”. Again, the maker of SmartDOT seems to toss around vague tech terms without much detail about what they mean.

Other EMF radiation blocking stickers contain metal fibers or are infused with metal particles. These fibers or particles block harmful radiation from being emitted by your phone or other devices.

The stickers work best when placed between you and the device. Studies have shown certain stickers can reduce radiation when placed on the front of the smartphone, for example. Unfortunately, this leads to an obvious problem: the sticker messes up your touchscreen.

Some studies have shown that having a sticker on the back of your phone actually reflects radiation back towards you, doubling the amount of EMF radiation absorbed by your body.

Ultimately, we can find no evidence that SmartDOT uses “quantum technology” to “retune frequencies” and prevent health effects, and it’s unclear what any of that even means.

SmartDOT Features & Benefits

The makers of SmartDOT advertise all of the following features and benefits:

Tested, Researched, and Proven: The manufacturer of SmartDOT claims to have performed human trials with thousands of participants, although they only link to one small, non-peer-reviewed study that did not lead to any specific health benefits.

Protects From All EMF Transmitting Devices: SmartDOT claims to protect against any device that transmits electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or baby monitor.

Attach to Any Device: SmartDOT has a sticker that can be attached to any surface, which means it works with any smartphone or other electronic device.

Relieve Symptoms: SmartDOT “helps relieve unwanted symptoms”, according to the official website, including “fatigue, anxiety or agitation”, among other unwanted effects.

Works Forever: SmartDOT claims to work forever without needing to be replaced.

Made from High Quality Materials: SmartDOT claims to be made from high-quality materials, although the company never discloses what the sticker is made from or what metals are infused within the sticker – if any.

SmartDOT Pricing

SmartDOT is available for $24 to $40 per package, depending on how many you buy:

  • 1 SmartDOT: $39.99
  • 3 SmartDOTs: $79.98
  • 5 SmartDOTs: $119.97

All prices include shipping within the United States. Each package includes just one SmartDOT.

SmartDOT Refund Policy

SmartDOT has a 90 day money back guarantee. Contact the company to request a refund, although it appears the company keeps your shipping costs.

You also need to return your SmartDOT to an address in the United Kingdom to qualify for a refund.

Who’s Behind SmartDOT?

SmartDOT is sold online through You can also buy it through, which sells a range of dots for different targeted benefits. sells BioDOT, AquaDOT, PetDOT, and SpaceDOT, for example, all of which claim to use different technologies to provide different benefits. It seems SmartDOT was previously marketed under the name ElectroDOT.

EnergyDots is a subsidiary brand of RBP Agency, a North Lincolnshire, UK-based marketing company.

Final Word

SmartDOT is a high-priced EMF radiation blocking sticker that claims to have powerful health benefits.

The sticker purportedly uses “quantum technology” to “retune frequencies”, neutralizing EMF radiation and allowing it to be safely absorbed by the body. The manufacturer claims to have tested the device on thousands of people with “incredible results”, although the scientific evidence is underwhelming.

Unfortunately, there’s limited evidence that SmartDOT works as advertised, or that SmartDOT has any noticeable effect on EMF radiation levels. The manufacturer provides no scientific evidence to support its claims, and there’s no explanation of what’s inside the sticker, how it works, or why it’s priced 10 times higher than similar EMF radiation blocking stickers online.

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