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MobileKlean UV Light Sanitizer Wand: Real Ultraviolet Cleaner Benefits?

MobileKlean UV Light Sanitizer Wand

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase exponentially, consumers are faced with a shortage in essentials including masks, toilet paper, and hand sanitizers among others. While each essential plays a major impact, masks should be a priority as it serves as the barricade between two individuals and even harmful particles in the air we breathe.

This is where MobileKlean comes into play. As per the claims made, consumers no longer need to worry about running out of masks, as they can safely be reused. How has this been achieved? Is this truly safe? Here’s what there is to know:

What is MobileKlean?

MobileKlean is described as a portable UV sanitizer. The aim behind this device is to potentially eliminate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that are not visible to the naked eye. Given how technologically advanced society has become, it wouldn’t be of a surprise if consumers were unaware that their phones, keyboards or even the remote control have germs.

In today’s time, a lot of emphasis has been placed on taking the necessary precautions to prevent illnesses. That said, MobileKlean could possibly be an addition to one’s set of measures.

How does MobileKlean work?

MobileKlean is deemed capable of defeating most germs because it includes UV-C light. A germicidal like this respective device uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate unwanted microorganisms (i.e. viruses and bacteria) by disrupting their DNA. In doing so, their ability to perform their tasked roles are prohibited, eventually weakening and eliminating their functions.

In terms of its uses, it is as simple as opening MobileKlean up and directing the embedded light down toward the surface of any item. For optimal results, consumers are encouraged to hold it in position at a distance of six inches above the area and allow at least 20 seconds to pass.

Time is a crucial factor, as it determines whether or not the virus’s DNA has been destroyed to prevent them from multiplying. On average, consumers can expect this device to kill 99.9% of household bacteria.

How much does MobileKlean cost?

Here are some options one can choose from:

  • Protect Myself (1 MobileKlean): $34.99
  • Protect Me and a Friend (2 MobileKleans): $64.99
  • Protect My Family (3 MobileKleans): $87.99
  • Protect My Friends (4 MobileKleans): $114.99

Bear in mind, these prices do not include shipping and handling fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I use MobileKlean on?

MobileKlean is reasoned as being safe on everything ranging from one’s eyeglasses and electronics to cutting boards and cutlery. In other words, anything the hand touches (except animals or humans) can be cleaned using MobileKlean.

Can MobileKlean be used on skin?

No, MobileKlean cannot be used on skin. According to Dr. Brenner, the UVC-light has a limited range and cannot reap within the outer dead-cell layer of the human skin reports Gen En News. Simply put, it has no impact, however, others claim that it can be a hazard, hence it is best to avoid directing the light onto oneself at all costs.

How often should I use MobileKlean?

Consumers can use MobileKlean as much as they please. There are no set guidelines for its uses.

Does MobileKlean eliminate viruses, bacteria, and molds?

In addition to viruses and bacteria, MobileKlean is anticipated to destroy mold building as well.

Is MobileKlean a long-lasting product?

Since MobileKlean runs on batteries, that is the one additional investment consumers will have to make. That said, to ensure it has a long lifespan and that it continues to work as designed, it is encouraged to wipe MobileKlean down with a damp cloth from time to time.

What features are included in MobileKlean?

MobileKlean is convenient, as it could easily fit in one’s purse, backpack, jacket pocket, carry-on luggage, etc. This is mainly possible because of its folding compact design. Finally, it is easy to use, all one really needs are batteries, which are not included with its purchase.

Does MobileKlean come with a return policy?

If MobileKlean did not meet one’s expectation, there is a 30-day guarantee in place. This means that one can either get a full refund or a replacement as long as the product is returned. The refund excludes shipping and handling fees.

Who do I contact to ask questions regarding MobileKlean?

Should one need further assistance in either ordering MobileKlean or require clarification regarding its design or function, customer service can be reached at or through the following phone numbers based on location:

  • U.S: 1 (609) 414-7087
  • Canada: 1 (778) 300-0854
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 8607 8316

Is the MobileKlean truly safe?

Based on the claims made, MobileKlean does appear to be truly safe. It includes UV-C light, which has been studied and found to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and pathogens by destroying their DNA. In this sense, MobileKlean seems to bring value to consumers. It is convenient, designed to support ease of use and protects one instantaneously. As for its overall affordability, the prices are reasonable if not low compared to traditional germicidal lamps which can easily cost $1000.

The one concern regarding this device is the intensity of the UV-C light. Previous studies claim that the effect UV-C light has on destroying microorganisms depends on the level (i.e. low level versus high level). While one can argue that microorganisms are much smaller in size and can easily be destroyed, it is always good to know its intensity to assess whether 20 seconds is truly enough. This information can be obtained by contacting customer service.

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