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Safe-T-Lite Review: UV Light Surface Sanitizer, Portable Pathogen Killer?


Safe-T-Lite is a handheld hospital-grade ultraviolet light that eliminates germs – including bacteria, mold, and viruses – from any surface. The device is small enough to fit in a pocket and works on any inorganic item that needs to be sanitized. It can be used indoors or outdoors and fits perfectly in a glove compartment.

What Does the Safe-T-Lite Do?

When it comes to staying healthy and protected against illness, most consumers are doing everything they can to follow the guidelines of the CDC and to maintain their general hygiene. However, ever since the stockpiling by the general public began, finding the products that can help eliminate germs has been rather difficult. Even for stores that have products like hand soap or hand sanitizer in stock, there are limits on how much one person can purchase. What happens when that individual runs out?

Instead of going to the store every single time, consumers can have never-ending support from the Safe-T-Lite. With no chemicals or anything to refill, this UV-C light offers a compact and portable way to keep surfaces clean without ever touching them. With 99.9% effectiveness against bacteria and viruses, the wand makes it easy to eliminate germs from handles, computer keyboards, ATMs, shopping cart handles, gas station pump handles, even your phone screen, and so on. The Safe T Lite is just slightly smaller than an average-sized smartphone

Ultraviolet germicidal radiation has been an effective defense and attack against the spread of germs for years, breaking down the DNA of germs and rendering them useless. Safe-T-Lite focuses on using the exact same UV-C as what is used in hospitals and doctors’ offices to keep these microorganisms at bay, offering an affordable price for any budget.

Buying the Safe-T-Lite

Available from the official website (, consumers will be able to order up to five Safe-T-Lite wands at a time for two payments of $29.95 per item. Though the website doesn’t give the option of paying for the whole cost in full, the total price (with shipping) is $67.85. However, anyone that makes a purchase today can get the $7.95 shipping fee waived on any multi-unit order.

If the customer purchases this product and finds that it doesn’t work for their needs, the company does not disclose return information for the Safe-T-Lite.

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FAQ: Learn More About the Safe-T-Lite

To make sure that this product is the right for consumers, let’s address some of the questions that consumers have about the Safe-T-Lite.

Q, How long does the light last?

A. The UV-C light offers up to 20,000 hours of use. The Safe-T -Lite uses rechargeable or AAA batteries

Q. Is the Safe-T-Lite easy to use and considered safe?

A. Yes. This UV wand can sanitize and eliminate viruses from any surface without damage. Simply turn the device on from the power button located on the side, hover the wand a half-inch above over the area you wish to sanitize for at least 30 seconds without touching the wand to the surface, when finished, fold the device up and store it in a cool (but not cold), dry place. To help the risk of eye damage, each one has an automatic shut-off function that will shut the device off if you turn the light toward you instead of in a different direction. You'll only be able to turn the light back on again by pointing it away from your face and body.

Q. Can UV-C light kill the coronavirus?

A. At this time, there has not been testing on the specific use of UV-C light against the novel coronavirus. However, multiple studies have proven that UV-C light is an effective disinfecting treatment, like this one here.

Q. What if customers have other questions?

A. If customers want to know more about the Safe-T-Lite, they can call customer service for questions or orders at 800-798-4401.


Safe-T-Lite provides both a sense of safety and of cleanliness that other products that need constant refills and hundreds of dollars in disposable paper towels to achieve. This handheld UV-C light folds closed while not in use, and it can go wherever the user goes. There’s no plug-in and the lamp lasts for thousands of hours. Though the website is a little limited in the information presently available about the Safe-T-Lite, the included instructions should fill in any of the gaps.

For customers that want more protection, the creators of Safe-T-Lite also have a Premium Quality Face Mask available at checkout. It is washable and reusable and is made with an anti-microbial fabric.

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