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OptiLookNPick: Endoscopic Camera Ear Inspection and Cleaning Tool?


OptiLookNPick is an endoscopic camera pen that allows you to observe the inside the ear canals in real-time on a tablet, computer or smartphone to optimize viewing deep inside the canal and cleaning. With OptiLookNPick, you can use the latest technology to remove problematic earwax build-up and possibly avoid future health complications.

What is OptiLookNPick?

The ears can become clogged for several reasons. Whether there is a buildup of hair products, dust, and dander or someone falls ill with sinus troubles, the ears can quickly become plugged with wax. Most people clean out their ears with the use of a cotton-tipped swab, but there’s no easy way for the average consumer to see how much of the earwax needs to be removed. The OptiLookNPick endoscopic pen cameras have different resolutions and can provide the user with an interesting and helpful view of what's going on in the ears with just a pen camera and a phone.

how OptiLookNPick-works

OptiLookNPick is a 2-in-1 inspection and cleaning tool providing users with an easy way to see what needs to be cleaned out from their ear canals. By having this view to eliminating ear wax as it builds, users can reduce the risk of an ear infection and irritation before it even begins. If the user already has an ear infection, they can reduce inflammation by having a clear view of what they need to clean. The OptiLookNPick is considered as an easy-to-use ear inspection and cleaning tool. With the use of the endoscopic pen camera, users can expect these benefits,

  • The throat and sinuses, for quick check-ups, when you’re feeling under the weather and catching infections before they worsen.
  • A great way to keep a close watch on your own health, with camera footage in real-time, allows you the best in-depth look at your own health possible allowing you to look into your nasal cavity, ear canal, throat, and other body parts.
  • A perfect tool for your ears, the damage that cotton swabs can cause will be avoided, the pen camera's design allows you to look into your ear canal to check for infections, earwax blockage, and irritation.
  • Home healthcare you can rely on, OptiLookNPick gives you an opportunity to look at your health and only takes a few minutes to set up and is easy-to-use and in real-time views also.
  • Great for any other uses you may think of, to inspect small dark areas, and tight spaces. even for repairs in and around the home.

Frequently Asked Questions About OptiLookNPick

Here are some of the questions and the answers to them that consumers may have about OptiLookNPick.

Q: What supplies are included with OptiLookNPick?

A: Customers will receive an endoscopic pen camera (which is attached to a USB cord), an earwax removal kit (including two earpicks), and an instruction manual.

Q: What devices are compatible with the OptiLookNPick tool?

A: The Type-C connector is compatible with PCs, Macs, Androids, and iPhones. However, the installation of a third-party app may be required.

Q: Is the OptiLookNPick safe to put in an ear?

A: Yes. The shape and design of OptiLookNPick are meant to safely enter the ear. However, to ensure that consumers don’t cause any damage, they should read through the included manual first.

Q: What areas of the body can be viewed with the OptiLookNPick?

A: This tool is meant to help consumers examine their ears, nose, and throat. However, it can also give users a closer look at nearly anything outside of the body as well, like plants, pipes, or car engines.

Q: How should OptiLookNPick be cleaned?

A: To sanitize this tool, the creators recommend using isopropyl alcohol.

Any other question about the OptiLookNPick tool should be directed to the customer service team.

Purchasing OptiLookNPick

Through the official website, consumers can purchase the OptiLookNPick Ear Inspection too for $29.99, plus $5.00 for the cost of shipping. Though the website offers packages of other quantities, it doesn’t appear that users will get a discount for purchasing more of the tools at once.

If the user is not happy with their results of using OptiLookNPick, they can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Contacting Customer Service

In spite of all of the information that consumers can get from the website on OptiLookNPick, consumers may have questions that they need to address before making a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to or calling 609-414-7087.


OptiLookNPick is meant for anyone that needs a closer look, whether they are cleaning out their ears or examining an area that they cannot view without some help. This product is easy to keep sanitary, and easy to use (with the included manual). With a simple return policy and a low price, this endoscopic camera pen tool could be crucial to reducing future ear infections and irritations over time.

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