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UVLizer Review: Ultraviolet UV-C Light Sanitizing Lamp with Ozone Benefits

UVLizer Review

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently plaguing the entire planet, more and more people have started to realize the potential of UV-based sanitization devices. In this regard, a number of studies have proven that UV lamps, when used efficiently, can help mitigate a variety of issues caused due by different harmful bacteria, fungal agents, viruses in a quick and effective manner.

About the UVILIZER

UVLIZER is an all-new 7W UV Light Sanitizer that doubles up as a disinfection agent as well as a germicidal lamp. As per the official product website, the device is highly potent and can be used to sterilize a number of different surfaces in a matter of seconds.

From an efficiency standpoint, the manufacturer of UVLIZER claims that the device has the ability to eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria & germs it comes into contact with. Not only that, thanks to its inbuilt Li-on battery, but the device is also able to run for extended periods of time without the need for a recharge.

A Closer Look at UVILIZER

As mentioned earlier, UVILIZER offers users with an elite level of sterilization — so much so that the pure ultraviolet light that the device emanates can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, fungi, pathogens it comes into contact with. Also, from a more technical standpoint, it is worth pointing out that the machine has been designed to dish out copious amounts of  UV-C light frequency that have been clinically found to sterilize and disinfect air as well as various solid surfaces within a matter of seconds.

Some of the other core facets of this device include:

Extremely easy to operate:

Unlike a host of UV sanitization devices available in the market today that is extremely difficult to use, the UVILIZER is extremely easy to deploy. In order to use, all one has to do is charge the device and start sanitizing one’s home, bathroom, pet areas, etc.


Thanks to its small size, the UVILIZER can be carried out around with relative ease. Not only that, despite its small size, but the device also packs an extremely powerful UV light bulb that offers a wide coverage area.

Completely Safe to Use:

A core facet of this device is that it is safe to use on a number of different surfaces. Since the UVILIZER does not make use of any chemicals or leaves behind any residue, odor, or pollution, it is absolutely safe to use even for extended periods of time.

Product Guarantee:

The UVILIZER Extra comes with a risk-free warranty. Not only that, but users can also get in touch with company representatives if they have any questions regarding the product via a dedicated customer service helpline.

Other facts worth pointing out

Child Lock Feature:

Each unit comes with a small on-off button that has been designed to prevent children from making use of the device.

Automatic Turn Off Feature:

If the device remains inactive for a period of more than 180 seconds, it automatically switches off (thereby saving on a lot of battery power).

USB Rechargeable:

The device can be recharged quite easily via the use of a conventional USB wire.

Pricing and Availability

There are a number of different UV sanitization devices on offer currently:

  • UVLIZER Razor: This is a smaller, more compact version of the regular UVILIZER. IT is available for a base price of $44.95.
  • UVLIZER Flip: Another compact UV sterilization unity that has a small cleansing range. It is currently priced at $24.95.
  • UVLIZER Extra: This is the most powerful version of the device. It is available online for a price of around $74.95. Not only that, but a pack of two is also currently being sold on the official company website for a discounted rate of $124.95.

Orders can be placed seamlessly via the manufacturer’s official website. Also, individuals who subscribe to the company’s newsletter automatically become eligible for a 10% discount. Payments can be made via a number of safe and secure avenues including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.

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