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Top 19 Health and Tech Gadgets to Buy for Christmas in 2019 [Year End Review]

2019's Year-End Review: 19 Of The Top Health And Tech Gadgets To Buy For Christmas

The consumer market is an enormous one, as producers come up with new ideas and successfully manage to bring them to life. Some of the factors that one might consider when buying an item include convenience, ease of use, making life simpler and maybe even for the fun of it.

19 Best Gadgets On Everyone's Christmas List

Here are the 19 gadgets that were expounded upon – all of which have had success among buyers. In fact, these products are still going strong, with demand on more fire than ever before. Interestingly, they can only be purchased online. Here’s an overview of what has since made the cut:

1) LipoRing

The LipoRing is described as a toe ring that is founded on ancient Chinese medicine. Comes in pairs, the rings are to be placed on the two thumb toes and upon wearing it, consumers can expect reduced hunger and weight loss. The reason why this is deemed effective rests in the fact that it emits up to 1100 Gauss’ magnetic forces that induce acupressure.

2) Charcoal Bags

If you are troubled by unbearable odor, the best way to eliminate it is by using charcoal bags. As per Shiny New Gadgets, Charcoal Bags have the ability to purify the air and can be placed just about anywhere that stinks.

3) CoolAir

Do you typically dread extremely warm weather? Not down to invest in an air conditioner that is typically on the heavy side and takes up too much space? This is where CoolAir could help consumers. CoolAir is supposedly a portable and convenient device that can cool a room in a matter of 20 minutes. In addition to cooling, it may maintain humidity levels, and reduce odors.

4) AudiPlus 247

Put together by ENT professionals, the AudiPlus 247 is a hearing aid that replaces traditional ones. It claims to overcome a number of problems including low battery and inconsistent input. With this device, consumers are expected to hear sounds without the interruption of noise, buzzes or even wind lurking in the background.

5) Pest Warrior

Looking for an effective way to eliminate bugs and mice? As per the claims made, with the Pest Warrior it is as simple as plugging it into a wall outlet and watching said critters diminish in numbers.

6) AcuStop

For those trying to quit their smoking habits, AcuStop is deemed a viable solution, as it uses acupressure. In doing so, not only does one’s blood circulation increase, but it also releases endorphins and oxytocin, which induces a sense of happiness or satisfaction equivalent to that of smoking.

7) Sleep Cool

Previously, we’ve mentioned Cool Air, but that is not the only way to keep yourself cool. For those of you who keep having to flip the pillow to keep cool, getting Sleep Cool might be the best bet. As per the product description, the Sleep Cool ensures consumers are cooled without having to continuously flip their pillows.

8) SoniPad

SoniPad is a small, wearable device that is proclaimed as capable of eliminating any form of stress and chronic pain. This is a possible alternative for those who prefer to refrain from taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

9) BackHero

As society continues to develop, more and more consumers find themselves in employments that require them to sit for a long period of time. Over the long run, this can cause health issues (especially if an ergonomic setup is not in place). The number one problem one might be faced with is backache, and this is something the BackHero can tend to. With the BackHero, it is as simple as wearing it. This prevents one from continuously crouching.

10) EcoHeat

Heating can be expensive, and pointless if one is not in their homes for a long period of time. This is where EcoHeat comes into play. EcoHeat is a portable device (similar to Cool Air but for heat) that warms up one’s home whenever needed.

11) Digitenna Antenna

Digitenna Antenna is an HDTV antenna that allows consumers to gain access to TV Channels without having to subscribe to them. This is supposedly legal, which makes it all the more interesting to consider.

12) Razor X

Razor X has been created to ensure that consumers have an irritation-free shaving experience. Made with German stainless-steel, Razor X promises to avoid one’s worst nightmare regarding razors including ingrown hair, nicks, and bumps among others.

13) 1 Tac Tactical Pen

The 1 Tac Tactical Pen is more or less an all-in-one pen, which is supposedly used by the military, police, and experts who practice self-defense. The pen comes with one pen-refill and two batteries.

14) LifeSocks

LifeSocks, which covers everything but the toes, is expected to help those who experience foot pain and swelling in the heels. This is especially useful for those who are standing for long periods of time.

15) Silent Snore

If your sleep keeps getting interrupted by a beloved’s continuous snores, then it becomes crucial that a solution is sought for. This is where Silent Snore comes into action as it claims to work by actually muting snores altogether.

16) WiFi UltraBoost

A common problem that consumers are faced with within the comfort of their homes is the lack of WiFi connection in select areas. You could easily have WiFi running smoothly in the bedroom, but not in the bathroom. WiFi UltraBoost claims to resolve this problem by simply having it connected to the closest wall outlet to the specific room.

17) ChargeBoost Charger

Most phones come with a required update, but not everyone does them. This, unfortunately, may lead to poor battery performance. To avoid this from happening, consumers can consider ChargeBoost Charger, which charges one’s phone in a wireless manner.

18) HealthWatch

HealthWatch ensures that consumers are updated on their health. Some of the types of information provided include one’s blood pressure, heart rate, and even blood oxygen levels.

19) HushInsole

HushInsole is deemed a viable solution for those experiencing back, knee and hip pain. This is because said problems stem from issues in one’s feet. With HushInsole, some 400 different acupoints are activated for better health and foot position.

Final Thoughts

A common factor among all of the previously mentioned 19 products is that they promote a better way of living. Each of the listed products targets a possible health issue that can be resolved, which could be one of the reasons why the products still remain popular among consumers.

For instance, if you experience bodily pains, it could be resolved through the number of gadgets that induce acupressure. If the problem is found within one’s environment, a convenient device can be used to eliminate it. In some cases, as seen above, making the slightest change can make all the difference!

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